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creator Taylor (Tyler The, Creator) recently leaked a pair of Wolf Gang and Vans Vans Syndicate is the highest branch of the new joint syndicate, this pair of shoes from a nightmare, then Wolf Gang is a burst of inspiration, made two hit color very strong? Old Skool, a pair of shoes all create suede in summer, the watermelon green as the main colors, Sidestripe and laces to create white, by contrast is large at the end of a pink like watermelon in general. Second double vamp suede is another kind of bluish green cover. At the same time, the two sides may bring a series of accessories, including shirts, caps, socks and training package, together constitute the joint. Let us wait and see the exciting moment finally revealed! It has been put on the agenda of a July day.

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to WeChat in the yellow circle of friends, about running content to occupy a large part, the 25 year old girl in Xi'an, a southern woman is beautiful, and speak with a woman's North zhishuang.
Like many beautiful girls,
started running to lose weight and make herself more beautiful. In college, she has been obsessed with losing weight, diet, as a result, the weight down, the body will soon collapse.

at that time, Huang Yuejiao was very weak and looked very ugly. She went to the hospital for examination. Because of lack of nutrition, she had osteoporosis. How to control weight in a healthy way has become a problem she has to face, so running into her life.
Huang Yuejiao: Indoorswoman went female, in fact very happy.
in April 2013, after graduating from college in the gap of yellow to resume, looking for work, because at home boring, try holding the attitude, she ran out of the first step, the city sports park in the vicinity of the home run two laps, although very tired, but she insisted, "like climbing the mountain, the hillside is the most uncomfortable, but quickly to the summit, will not be tired."

didn't know about running knowledge even though she didn't record the mileage. But after running, Huang Yuejiao had a sense of achievement. At that time, she began to feel that running is a very interesting thing.
she began to think that running was a fun thing.
ran and ran, and Huang Yuejiao found a job. She went to work at sina Shaanxi station and was responsible for micro-blog. Because of her work, she would browse a lot of news on the Internet. Once she saw the news of other places running a group, so he sprouted the idea of running a group on micro-blog, so that the Xi'an night running troupe was born.

basically, every other day, Huang Yuejiao will organize a round trip. Their lines are not fixed. Sometimes they will be in the Daming Palace National Park, sometimes in Qujiang Nanhu, sometimes in the high-tech zone. Because often share running professional knowledge, the number of micro-blog fans Xi'an night run group of more than 10 thousand people in Xi'an run very influential. What
gets from running is not just a healthy body.
, from running to get a lot of happiness, knows a lot of interesting people. At last, there is often a sense of conquering the whole world, which is also helpful for overcoming some difficulties in life, and has a positive impact on life. Because of his own running regiment, Huang Yuejiao no longer runs a person, and gets more than a healthy body from running.

but the most proud thing about Huang Yuejiao was that she was very happy because she was running. Before starting running, Huang Yuejiao is a typical Indoorswoman, not out of the gate, two step, mother will feel particularly anxious, young people should not have been trying to get her out of the house. Now, without a mother, Huang Yuejiao can't stay at home. If one day, Huang >

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